Persepolis 10 Days

Persepolis 10 Days

Day 1: arrival Tehran

On arrival day you will meet your guide and he shall transfer you to your hotel.Your first impression of Tehran will be the rich culture and history of this ancient land. The capital has some spectacular museums, palaces and gardens which are to be enjoyed in depth of you on your return visit to Tehran.

Attention: The priority in sightseeing may be changed due to the time of your arrival, preference of your guide and also official and unofficial holidays of some museums. 

Day 2: Tehran

Your tour begins archaeological museum which is designed in 20 century by the great French Andre Godar. In this museum you will find marvellous collections of ancient Iran, including the pottery, ceramics and glass ware mostly from Persepolis and Susa.
Then you will head to the National Jewel museum in which you will visit the Priceless diamond Daryaye Noor. Lunch will be set in an Iranian Traditional restaurant, where you shall sample a wide range of delightful Persian dishes and desserts.
Afterwards, you will visit Golestan Garden which is made of several grand palace buildings set around a lovely garden. Seven of these are open to the public. Although originally there was a Safavid citadel on this site, but it became the palace of Karim Khaan Zand , the founder of Zand dynasty in late 18th century and later on, The Qajar rulers in 19th century.

National Museum ,Tehran ,Iran

Dat 3: Fly to Shiraz

Shiraz is the city of sophistication and always has been celebrated as the heart land of Persian culture. In its heyday, the city was given to the epithet of Dar-Ol-Elm. (House of Learning) and became synonymous Education, Nightingales, poetry and roses. It was also one of the most important cities in the mediaeval Islamic world and it was also the Islamic capital of Iran in late 18 century, (Zand Dynasty)
In full city tour of Shiraz you will visit The Eram garden, Nasirol Molk mosque, Zand complex that includes ( Karim Khan castle, Vakil bath house, Vakil mosque and Vakil bazar).

Day 4: Shiraz

In a full day tour outside Shiraz you will visit Pasargade, which was built under Cyrus the Great in 546 BC. The city of Pasargad was quickly superseded by Darius the Great. You can visit the tomb of Cyrus, Private and public palaces of his time
and Necropolis, (Naghshe-E-Rostam). The rock tombs are magnificent, hewn out of a cliff high above the ground, the four tombs are believed to be those of Achaemenid Kings, so the eight Sassanid bass reliefs carved in beneath the facades of Achaemenid tombs depict sense of imperial conquests and royal ceremonies. 
next we will visit Persepolis, this magnificent site embodies the greatest success of the ancient Achaemenid Empire. The monumental, staircases, exquisite reliefs immense columns and imposing gateways leave you in no doubt that this is the finest jewel in the empire’s crown.
In its heyday the city spread over an area of 125000 sq. meters and it was the spring capital of Iran where the representatives of all nations came in Nowruz ( March 21st) to bring gift for the Kings; at other times of the year it was probably deserted. In persepolis there are seven palaces which are either private or public.

Persepolis ,Fars ,Iran

Day 5 -Drive to YAZD


 Drive to Yazd – En route you will stop in Abarkoo (Abarqu) to visit the mud-ice-house and the oldest cypress tree which estimated to be more than 4000 years old, Agha Zadeh traditional House and Ali Dome.


Day 6: Yazd

On a Full day city tour of Yazd to visit the Towers of silence where Zoroastrians used to leave the corps to be eaten by the vultures, Fire temple, Amir Chakhmagh complex and you will get a breath-taking perspective of the oldest adobe city. In the afternoon you will visit the old district of the city, Alexander`s prison and Dolat Abad garden.

Day 7: Drive to Esfahan (335 KM)

En-route you will head to Meybod about 52 km West Yazd. Meybod boasts a thoroughly restored old post office, caravanserai,  Safavid Mud-ice-house and Narin Castle. The afternoon is on your leisure.

Day 8: Esfahan

Esfahan is the capital of Islamic Iran and the jewel of ancient Iran. The exquisite blue mosaics of Esfahan`s buildings, its grand Bazar and gorgeous bridges demand as much as your time to spare. it is a city to walk arround and getting lost in the bazar or dozing in beautiful gardens.
In a full day city tour you will visit chehel sotoon palace (40 columned). This palace is another highlight of Esfahan which has been built in 17 century by the grace of Safavid Kings as governmental and ceremonial palace. You also visit Vank cathedral church built in the time of Shah Abbas the first.
After wards, you will visit Imam sq (Naghsh-e jahan sq) and the bazar.

Day 9: Esfahan

On a half day tour, you will visit the shaking minarets, Si_o_ seh and Khajoo bridges, then you will fly to Tehran.The afternoon is on your leisure.

Day 10: Depart Tehran

You will depart Iran, the land of warmth and hospitality with fond memories.



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